Marfret is a partner of the outsized triennial “Gigantisme”

On 4 May 2019, the first edition of the triennial “Gigantic” will be launched in Dunkirk. Questioning the relationship between Art and Industry, the exhibition takes visitors to different essential places in Dunkirk, like a walk through the heart of an industrial port area.
Among the 200 works of extraordinary dimensions that will be presented, the one created in situ by artists Nathalie Brevet and Hugues Rochette. For the building of this monumental fountain, Marfret, through its Dunkirk branch, donated two 40-foot and four 20-foot containers, cut and assembled on Pier 1, near the sugar market, facing the citadel district.
An event not to be missed, from May 4, 2019 to January 5, 2020

Photo credits: FRAC Grand Large

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With Starcool avocados travel relajado!

To ensure the fruits remain in optimum shape during the sea crossing, in January, 2018, Marfret invested in a fleet of 250 brand-new 40′ high-cube refrigerated containers. The containers, which provide a controlled atmosphere thanks to Starcool technology, have become an immediate hit with producers of avocados, the tender flesh of which is especially fragile.

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