Marfret to exhibit at Breakbulk Europe

Marfret will be exhibiting in Rotterdam at the Breakbulk Europe trade fair from 6 to 8 June. Housed in the Haropa pavilion, stand 2D31, our teams will be meeting with industrialists and freight forwarders to promote the advantages of our maritime transport offer, particularly in conventional transport. “This is an important trade fair that allows us to be as close as possible to our customers and port players in the Northern range where General cargo and Roll on-Roll off activities are very present”, underlines Martial Bienvenu, head of the Marfret agency in Le Havre, enthusiastic about the idea of creating new opportunities.

Marfret’s MPV line will be particularly highlighted: this service, operated by the Marfret Niolon with a capacity of 1,212 linear metres, carries non-containerisable freight (rolling, conventional), as well as sensitive freight requiring a detailed knowledge of customs procedures, between Dégrad-des-Cannes, Pointe-à-Pitre, Antwerp and Le Havre. This service can also reach other ports on inducement, according to the specific requests of our customers.

9,600 visitors are expected at the Ahoy Convention Centre with the 2023 edition focusing on nuclear and wind energy and the future of logistics.

The Niolon gives Marfret wings

On 30th August last, the Marfret Niolon took on a consignment of Airbus aircraft wings at Portbury Dock in the UK for delivery to Montoir de Bretagne. The cargo comprised four items, including the 21.3 m long by 6.25m wide wings, weighing 20 tonnes, loaded on mobile frames. The European aircraft manufacturer entrusted the operation to Louis Dreyfus Seaplane.

Once the special operation finished, the Marfret vessel returned to its normal duties on 9th September on the MPV line between Northern Europe, French Guiana and the West Indies.

MPV service increasing supply on WI-French Guiana route

Launched in 2020, and after several months of operations, the Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) service is up to cruising speed on the French Guiana – Pointe-à-Pitre – Antwerp – Le Havre route.

The service, operated with the 1212 lm-capacity Marfret Niolon, carries non-containerised cargo (ro-ro and conventional) and sensitive freight requiring specialist knowledge of customs procedures. One example are the shipments of dangerous goods from French Guiana and Guadeloupe, for which there are currently no local storage and processing solutions.  The MPV line provides a regular service for their shipment for processing in mainland France, part of the government’s sustainable development policy.

The MPV service is appreciated by shippers for its competitive transit times, for example 15 days between Antwerp and Dégrad-des Cannes. The service also connects with Marfret’s Ferrymar service in the West Indies.      

Next sailings:

Antwerp 8/10 – Le Havre 11/10 – Pointe-à-Pitre 28/10 – Dégrad-des-Cannes 8/11