Algeciras, Spain

The economy has soared so far this year thanks to healthy domestic demand, an upturn in global trade and improved competitiveness in the country’s exports. However, leading data for the third quarter suggests that economic momentum may have begun to peter out: Industrial output and retail sales growth softened in July, while employment growth as measured by Social Security affiliations decelerated for a fourth consecutive month in August. The August manufacturing and services PMI readings also painted a picture of potentially weaker, albeit still strong, growth in the third quarter. All told, however, the economy should continue to grow at a healthy clip in Q3 in spite of heightened political tensions in Catalonia, where the regional government intends to hold a contentious independence referendum on 1 October


Marfret’s vessels call at TTI terminal.

Settled in the South of Spain, a strategic point in the Strait of Gibraltar, TTI Algeciras counts with a concession area of 300,119 sqm, 57,621 sqm of public manoeuvring zone and two quay lines of 850 metres of the East and 550 metres on the North, with a draught of 18.5 and 17.5 metres respectively.

Reefer imports are strong as Algeciras has a reefer logistic platform  able to serve not only South of Spain area, but also the rest of fruit markets in Spain and Portugal, connecting producer areas like Colombia or Costa Rica in less than 14 days.

Algeciras is the main port for trading with Morocco on a daily basis. Being Algeciras the main hub port in Spain  for all shipping lines (mostly for transhipment), it is also an important port for exports to the US and imports from Far East.


Marmedsa has been MARFRET partner since 2001. We have grown together in Algeciras and we have jointly developed the reefer imports enormously for the last 3 years.

Marmedsa is a shipping agency with presence in 7 countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Algeria, Chile and Turkey) and more than  1000 employees. It is also part of NOATUM group, which  owns terminals, warehouses and logistics providers.

Agencies for port : Algeciras