Nelson, Nouvelle-Zélande

Often referred to as a food bowl or market garden New Zealand’s economy is based around its natural resources including rich soils combined with plentiful natural water resource and sunshine.  New Zealand’s exports of home grown fruit, meat, fish, dairy and wine are world renown.  With its stable democratic governance and straight  forward business processes New Zealand has few trade barriers or restrictions which makes international trading whether import or export very simple.


Port Nelson’s main export commodities are forestry, pip fruit, wine and seafood. Forestry is largely made up of log exports, however sawn lumber, medium density fibreboard (MDF) and laminated veneer lumber (LVL) make up a large portion of containerised exports. The Nelson / Tasman region is New Zealand’s second largest (28%) export region for pip fruit, apples predominantly. All apple exports from Nelson are now containerised in reefer or temperature controlled containers, destined to most global markets, including Europe, Asia and North America. The top of New Zealand’s South Island produces 80% of New Zealand’s wine, with a large proportion of this volume being exported ex Port Nelson. Seafood is very important to the Nelson region, and Port Nelson is the largest seafood port in Australasia.

Nelson port is expecting continued growth due to strong global demand for the regions export commodities. Port Nelson is in the final stages of a significant capital expenditure program to cater for this future growth, including investment in a new 50t bollard pull tug, new warehousing, reefer towers and terminal optimisation planning.


Oceanbridge Shipping has represented Marfret in New Zealand since 1998. Covering all New Zealand ports and regions Oceanbridge has a dedicated Marfret agency made up of knowledgeable and reputable staff.

Being small ,customers often comment that they appreciate the personal service and direct people contact that no longer applies with the larger carriers.

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