For more than 2000 years, Rouen is an ideal natural site for the reception of ships.
The port extends over the estuary of the Seine from Honfleur to Rouen or 120 kilometers, staked 33 port terminals.
Seaport and river port, Rouen occupies a strategic position in the French port system, because of its proximity to the Paris region accessible to large river gauges up to 5000 tons.
With nearly 2,500 vessels per year and 13 kilometers of quay length, the main specialties of the port of Rouen are cereals, fertilizers, refined petroleum products, forestry and paper products, heavy parcels and containers.


Our vessels are operated at the Moulineaux container terminal, which has a quay length of 1150 meters, with a real draft of 10.50 m.
The solid land surface represents 23 hectares and are branched iron.
Our stevedore SOMAP treats our maritime and fluvial vessels, and has 1 LIEBHERR gantry 30 t at 35 meters and 2 KALMAR gantries 55 t at 39 meters.


Based in Rouen since the early 1980s, Marfret offers maritime and river agency services and consignment of all types of vessels (containers, bulk, heavy parcels).

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