The unprecedented growth in international trade is closely linked to the introduction of the container, a standardized steel box suitable for all modes of transport that can be loaded and unloaded in record time. Equally at home on ships, road vehicles, freight trains or barges, the container offers considerable savings for Marfret’s customers.

All containers used by Marfret have been built in accordance with technical requirements of the following standards and regulations :

  • ISO : about containers specification and testing
  • TIR : TIR customs standards using the type approval system
  • CSC : Requirements and terms of International Convention for safe containers
  • UIC : Requirements and terms of international Union of Railway for rail transport
  • TCT : All wood components to Australian Quarantine Requirements
The containers
Containers shipped by year
100 000 TEUS

20′ and 40′ Dry Container

20' and 40' Dry Container

(Standard or General purpose) These containers constitue the main part of Marfret fleet (85%). They are intended for general cargo that does not merit special equipment. The forty footers come in two different heights: 8’6 (2,591m) and 9’6 (2,895m). The latter are called “HIGH CUBE”.

20′ and 40′ Reefer Container

20' and 40' Reefer Container

These units are specifically designed for the transport of cargo at a constant temperature (From -25°C to +25°C). They are highly insulated and equipped with a temperature control system that can inject hot or cold air into the container to maintain exactly the required temperature. The system is powered by an electrix motor wich can be plugged in a board, at the container terminal quay and also on certain trucks, thus permitting a constant temperature during the entire transport cycle.

20′ and 40′ Pallet-Wide Container

20' and 40' Pallet-Wide Container

These containers are dry vans containers for which the internal width has been enlarged. This increase width permits two European, metric or Australian pallets to be stowed side by side (14 European pallets in a 20′ and 30 in a 40′).

20′ and 40′ Flat Container

20' and 40' Flat Container

These containers have neither side panels nor roof. They are intended for cargos wich dimensions or nature do not allow the use of a general purpose container. There are two families of flats with fixed ends and collapsible flats. During empty transport, when front and rear panels are collapsed, the height of the latter is reduced and they can thus be stacked together up to the height of a normal unit.

20′ and 40′ Open Top Container

20' and 40' Open Top Container

On these units, the roof has been replaced by a tarpaulin supported by bows. That device allows vertical lifts during stuffing ans stripping of the container. A TIR wire (for custom regulation), trying together the structure and the tarpaulin maintains the security of the container during the transportation.