The jobs of Marfret


This department covers the operational and documentary aspects of container transport: taking customer bookings, managing the required documentation, organizing and checking the actual transport, coordinating the various tasks carried out by agents and subcontractors during port calls and preparing disbursement accounts.

Job focus: Operations agent

Operations agents are the lifeblood of the Company, since they represent almost one quarter of staff numbers. The agent is the point of contact with the customers, among other things providing advice, taking bookings, issuing bills of lading, making hazardous cargo declarations and overseeing the transport. He or she may even be involved in invoicing and provide assistance to the sales teams.


A central part of the shipping line’s activity, the sales department is always attentive to customers and their needs. Its tasks are to propose transport solutions, draw up the pricing policy, issue quotations and keep a watch on the world market. It also takes care of the line’s invoicing and of any related disputes.

Job focus: Line sales representative

Line sales representatives sell the Company’s services to the customer, finding the best transport solution for the shipment in question and submitting a quotation. The sales representative regularly visits customers in the line’s ports of call and attends trade events to expand their client portfolios. He or she provides the operations department with all the information required for organizing the transport.


Management involves coordinating all the operational and sales activities and overseeing the budget and strategy of a line or branch with one very important ingredient: team-building.

Job focus: Branch manager

Branch managers are orchestrators of the branch’s different missions and guarantors of Marfret’s image and reputation with local customers, partners and authorities. He or she is responsible for the day-to-day running of the branch, managing its staff and ensuring a permanent sales presence while providing suggestions and feedback to the lines and to the Management. He or she is always on the lookout for new development opportunities and maintains a network of relations that allows these to be identified.

Support service departments

These transversal departments support the Company’s lines and branches and include finance, accounts, human resources, IT and two departments that are specific to shipping, the legal and logistics departments. Our legal teams are specialists in international shipping law and the contracts particular to our business. The logistics department manages our fleet of containers and makes sure empty containers are positioned where our lines need them.

Fleet and manning

The fleet and manning department, along with the technical management, manage the ships and their crews. Its task is to ensure the ships’ proper running by providing them with everything they need, including fuel, consumables and spare parts, while maintaining safety on board. The ship’s husband ensures compliance with international regulations and optimizes the ship’s productivity. The team consists mainly of former seafarers.