Marfret appoints Transpac as agent in Mexico

From July, Marfret will be providing a weekly service to Mexico via its new, revamped MedCar line. True to its values of independence, the company has chosen the family-owned Transpac as its ships’ agent and country-wide sales agent. An interview with sales  manager Andrès Echeverria, who

An independent group, Transpac has more than one string to its bow, since it is a ships’ agent, broker, freight forwarder and customs clearance specialist.

Transpac has announced that a dedicated team is being formed to better serve Marfret’s interests. “We are recruiting four people. We’re providing Marfret with our operational and sales know-how in the country,” says the Transpac sales manager, who also represents the second generation in the family-run company.

With its 80 employees located in various offices including Mexico City and  Veracruz, Transpac also provides inland transport services by rail and road.

Since the trade agreement signed between the European Union and Mexico in 2000, commercial exchanges have increased 8% per year, 148% over the period to date. The European Union today is Mexico’s third-largest trading partner after the United States and China and trade is expected to increase even further with a new agreement under discussion since 2018.

“Mexico exports avocado, lemons, beer, tequila, fish… On the import side, it brings in car parts and wine. Italy and Spain are very dynamic markets that import large quantities of fruit,” explains Echeverria.

Transpac was founded in 1975, almost by chance. “My parents are from Chile and in 1970 they decided to visit Mexico. They fell in love with the country. My father worked for a shipping firm for five years before starting his own company.”

Transpac is a BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) member since 1976 and is also part of the Association of Mexican Shipping Agents (AMANAC).

Photo: Andrès Echeverria represents the second generation of the family-owned Transpac company, Marfret’s ships’ agent and sales agent in Mexico. ©