The Saumaty replaces the Waddens on the North Africa service

Marfret recently acquired a new ship, the Sina -renamed Saumaty– which will operate between Marseille and Algiers , replacing the Waddens. Focus on this newcomer to the fleet.

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Marfret celebrates its 30th anniversary with a cultural evening signed JR

Clients, co-workers, suppliers, representatives of local government departments and ship service providers were all at the J1 in Marseille on May 3rd last. It was in this legendary, memory-filled dockside warehouse that Marfret founders Raymond and Bernard Vidil chose to …

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MP2018 – Sponsoring love

A shipping company known for promoting culture through its sponsorship of the arts, Marfret has gone even further by roping in the entire local business sector in organizing “MP2018 Quel Amour!”

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