Marfret in French Guiana – Shipping to space

Kourou in French Guiana, the launch site for satellites and space probes, is at the epicentre of the European space project. The launch campaigns create intense activity on and around the launch pads and require a large quantity of sensitive, …

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Marfret Digital

You too can participate in the Marfret adventure in real time. You can comment and post on our activities all over the world from Algiers to Papeete via Degrad Des Cannes, New York or Rouen by liking our Instagram feed and …

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With Starcool avocados travel relajado!

To ensure the fruits remain in optimum shape during the sea crossing, in January, 2018, Marfret invested in a fleet of 250 brand-new 40′ high-cube refrigerated containers. The containers, which provide a controlled atmosphere thanks to Starcool technology, have become …

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