Our values


At Marfret, we haven’t succumbed to the prevailing management practice which imposes increasing constraints through the use of management tools designed to exert control over the company and its employees. We know that nothing ever works the way the manuals would like it to. We favour simplicity, autonomy and trust.


We are transparent in our decisions and strategic choices. Every two months, we publish and send out a newsletter to our employees and certain outside partners containing news and updates on our projects. The minutes of the monthly line managers’ meetings are also distributed to all employees.


Our commitment consists of putting all our energies into providing our customers with the best service possible. Our wish is for everyone, unfailingly and at all times, to do their utmost to ensure Marfret continues to be a player on the world shipping scene in harmony with the enterprising and adventurous spirit that inspires us.

Our commitment also has a civic side involving a number of measures such as reducing emissions from our vessels, diversity in our recruitment, investing in the European Capital of Culture year in Marseille, partnerships with associations working on occupational integration for the disabled, artistic creation and humanitarian actions.