Rades, Tunisia

Tunisia has opted for twenty years for the Free Trade Economy. Despite the economic difficulties since the revolution, the Tunisian economy is considering an increase that will accompany the growth rate according to GDP significantly better than in previous years. Many projects are in progress such as the cultural city of Tunis, a grandiose achievement that will house cinemas- Theater- Festival - exhibition etc and others in the study phase such as the construction of a 130 km bridge linking Al Haouaria to Sicily, demonstrating Tunisia's desire to preserve and strengthen its thousand-year-old vocation of wide open windows to the Mediterranean.

98% of Tunisia's trade with other countries is by sea. The harbor chain extends over 1300 km and is composed of 8 ports.

France is Tunisia's leading economic partner. It is still Tunisia's leading supplier with around 18% market share. France is also Tunisia’s first client.


Entered into operation in 1987, the Port of Rades is the main export and import platform in the country. Representing 28% of the freight traffic, it specializes in the transit of containers and rolling units.

The port of Radés is equipped with earthen cranes with a capacity of 125 tons, stackers with a capacity of 40 tons, reach stacker with a capacity of 40 tons, forklifts with a capacity of 32 tons. Other equipment has been imported by the Port Authority and is awaiting exploitation.

Tunisian imports to the Port de Rades reached approximately 1700 000 tonnes per year, or 68.3% of the global container traffic.


Tunisian Shipping Agency (T.S.A) has been Marfret's agent in Tunisia for nearly 40 years. Created in the early 70's by Mr. Mohamed BEN SEDRINE ex Senator, T.S.A. represented several shipping companies in Tunisia.

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